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Grimaldi Raisin

Crispy cookie with raisin. Named after Monaco most renowned family, this type of cookie is our signature product line including many tastes. Its production process is an unique method of putting different fillings in-between two dough layers. Quality of these biscuits was proved by winning Russian and international exhibitions’ prizes. It’s individual packaging is made especially for consumer’s convenience. 

6 months

Packaged product

Item no. 1103806
Net weight, kg 0,045
Package flowpack
flowpack, p/box
Container type gk - 13
gk - 3515
Pcs in the container 78
35*4 (140)
Kg in the container 3,51
Barcode 4680302005994 4680302005994
Container barcode 4680302006212 46803020008032