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Company history

More than 20 years on the market

We share your passion for sweets and are ready to anticipate your desires

More than 250 SKU

Today we produce 250 types of weight and packaged products in 6 categories

Team of professionals

We rely on the team professionalism and carefully treat the staff.

FSSC 22 000 certification

Ural Confectioners was one of the first companies in the Chelyabinsk Region which have implemented FSSC 22,000.


The "Ural Confectioners" group of companies has been operating in the Chelyabinsk region since 1995, when a cookie line was launched. Production capacity at that time was 280 tons of products per month. Our consumers still remember cookies: “School”, “Zoological”, “Maria”, “Croquet”. Initially, the company supplied sweets only to the regions of the Urals Federal District..


The company "Ural Confectioners" has begun to supply products to Kazakhstan.


This year our confectionery appeared in Omsk and Perm stores.


This year was marked by the launch of a sugar biscuit line with a capacity of 540 tons of products per month.


A workshop for the butter biscuits production, equipped with jigging machines, was put into operation. The capacity of the Italian line was 140 tons per month. At that time, such product items as "Belochka", "Flirt", "Zabava", "Vostorg", "Cappuccino" were introduced to our customers.


The company first presents its confectionery at the prestigious "Prodexpo" exhibition.


A Bird's milk and marmalade production workshop was opened with a capacity of 120 tons of products per month. There was a Russian equipment installed. And today, on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region and beyond, people know and love "Heat-Bird Milk" assorted sweets, "Heat-Bird Milk" and the "Skazkino" brand.


The capacity of the butter biscuit workshop was increased. After the reconstruction, up to 250 tons of products were produced here every month.


Ural Confectioners are starting to supply products to the western and central regions of the country, and are also actively engaged in foreign economic activity.


The reconstruction of the oatmeal cookie line was carried out. Thanks to the launch of the tunnel oven, the line capacity was doubled. It produces oatmeal cookies with various flavors and additives - nuts, chocolate, raisins.


The company enters the market of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Abkhazia. Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and the EU countries expanded the list in 2014.


The "Ural Confectioners" company built a new factory (the first line put into operation) in compliance with the requirements of the British certification system FSSC 22 000. This is the most accurate and modern food safety system. "Ural Confectioners" was one of the first companies in the Chelyabinsk Region who have implemented FSSC 22 000.


The company launched the "HURRAH!" Trademark on the market. “Ural Confectioners” has been an active participant in various regional and international exhibitions for many years. We are proud of our achievements and awards from many years of participation in such major exhibitions as "PRODEXPO", "AGRO", "Golden Autumn", "Ecological Products of Ural", "Silk Road China 2016", "SIAL CHINA 2016". The fact that the South Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the "Ural Confectioners" the title of "Best Exporter of the Year in the Chelyabinsk Region" is particularly noteworthy. We appreciate your trust and will always strive to continue to please you with quality and a decent level of service. “Ural Confectioners” won the competition “Best Product - 2017” with a gold medal. The high award for the quality in the “Confectionery” nomination was given to “Grimaldi” cookies with seeds and “Butterkex” - “Hurray! Confectioners” trademark. Also, “Ural Confectioners” became the winner in the “Best Innovative Product” contest. The "Golden Star" was awarded for sweet cookies with salted caramel and "Cafeteria" marmalade. Group of Companies "Ural Confectioners" also won the first place in the "Best Enterprise 2017" nomination for the stable quality of products.