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The "Ural Confectioners" company is a large manufacturing enterprise, which strives to ensure that each product, according to its taste and aesthetic characteristics, is made as an author's work of confectionery art. We have everything for this: the latest technology, professional staff, the desire and the opportunity to experiment.

Today, the "Ural Confectioners" production is:

  • 3 large production sites in Korkino, equipped with modern domestic and foreign equipment.
  • 6 high-performance production lines based on tunnel ovens:

Production lines

  • 13 000 m² of production facilities.
  • Production volume — 2 000 tons of products per month
  • Advanced packaging equipment, which helps to keep products fresh for longer
  • 3 000 m² warehouse.


The company produces not only delicious and beautiful products, but also safe. "Ural Confectioners" implemented a three-stage quality control system:

  • raw materials control;
  • products sampling at each production stage;
  • inspection of finished products before shipment.

Quality control is carried out by a certified laboratory.